We Strive to Protect Your Privacy​

​​Protecting Your Privacy is OUR Mission

​Information Privacy Institute LLC

  We firmly believe that online directory services have GONE TOO FAR and have become TOO GREEDY. We believe that your personal information is NO ONES BUSINESS. There is no legitimate reason for someone to know where you work or what your financial situation is unless you CHOOSE to disclose this information!

    The days of traditional white page listings and helping people connect with friends and family has turned into a multi billion dollar business that exists only to make money by invading your privacy. Though there aren't any federal laws pertaining to selling your private information we have found that most online directory companies will comply with written requests to remove your personal information. If they do not comply there are usually other options we can utilize to reach the same goal of removing your private information.

   Not only will we remove your private information from the internet, we will continue to monitor these websites to make sure your private information remains PRIVATE.


Keeping Your Personal Information PRIVATE